Referer Partner Policy

FINZAPP is the mobile app owned and operated by the company PANOBIZ BUSINESS TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD

You must have completed 18 years of age and legally be able to enter into binding contracts to be a our registered referral partner. Hence registration as a referral partner would mean your confirmation of having completed the age of 18.

The following is mandatory to be a registered referral partner for payouts to be released

  • Should be an Indian Citizen
  • Should have valid ID & Address Proof
  • Should have Aadhaar
  • Should have a valid bank account in India

All payouts to referral partner is only on the loan being disbursed and the company receiving the payout for the particular disbursement from the principal lender

Submission of bank details, Aadhaar , ID & Address Proof is mandatory before the payout is released.

The payouts shown as estimated earnings for the lead is tentative only and can change basis any change in the payout policy of the lending partner from who the loan is finally disbursed

There might be products where there is no payout at all owing to the principal lender not offering or withdrawing the payout scheme for the particular product or the company deciding that it will not offer any payout to referral partner for any particular product . In such a case , the referral partner has the option of not registering the lead with the company.

In the case of the loan being done through any Non Partnered Bank or Nbfc , then the company shall collect a service charge from the customer and any payout to the referral partner is done after this payment from the customer is realized in full .

In case of a lead already submitted by a referral partner, the same lead will not be accepted for submission by another referral partner or a customer directly . However Incase of any lead for which there is a dispute between referral partners or between a customer and the referral partner, the decision of the company would be final in deciding on who is eligible for the referral partner remuneration.

All government taxes and rules will apply.

The company shall deduct 0.65% from your earnings as contribution towards social & charity fund of the company ( for example , if your payout is Rs 1000 then an amount of Rs 6.50 ( Rupees Six and Paisa Fifty only )shall be deducted as contribution ) . Registering as a referral partner would mean that you are authorizing the company to make this deduction.

A borrower cannot be a referral partner for his / her own loan or insurance

The referral partner shall not misrepresent any information or details about the product or services to the lead and the company nor shall the referral partner accept any payment in cash or cheque from the customer / borrower . The company shall not be liable for such acts of the referral partner or any damages arising out of such acts.

The final approval and disbursement of loans is at the sole discretion of the principal lending institution and the referral partner shall not hold FINZAPP, its management or its employees responsible nor claim any damages from FINZAPP for any decline of the application and / or reduction in loan amount finally sanctioned.

All above terms are prone to change as the company keeps changing / improving the app, its product offerings and service delivery . In case of you being migrated to the changed / improved app , the same will be intimated to you only by SMS and the terms of use will be as per the referral partner policy as stated in that app / portal.

For any dispute or legal proceedings, the jurisdiction will be Chennai.